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an exception to this rule to area 14(1) associated with the structures regulation is if building functions stressed tend to be slight a€“ whereby

an exception to this rule to area 14(1) associated with the structures regulation is if building functions stressed tend to be slight a€“ whereby

Contravention of section 14(1) regarding the property regulation according of building functions (apart from lesser functions) try an offence, and individuals located guilty is liable on belief to a superb of HK$400,000 and imprisonment for two decades; and a fine of HK$20,000 for every single day where the offense possess persisted. 13 marketplace San Mateo escort reviews players should therefore consult their particular architects and other specialists regarding the categorisation from the building operates included while the appropriate affirmation, document or plan distribution techniques.

Strengthening Work and Flames Protection Regulations

Following the unfortunate #4 alarm fire in 2021 involving a mini-storage facility on Ngau Tau Kok roadway, 14 the manager of Fire providers granted a fact sheet titled “capabilities flame problems in Mini-Storages and associated Abatement Measure” (truth layer). 15 the very fact sheets completely five problems generally present mini-storages (Common problems), including: (a) unwanted arrangement of storage cubicles; (b) obstruction/insufficient few screens; (c) inadequate coverage of line reel system; (d) inadequate exit evidence and/or directional indicators; and (e) unwelcome types of securing device for getaway doors.

Where fire dangers (including usual Hazards) exists, the manager of flame providers may provide a flames threat abatement find (FHAN) to any holder, operator or individual of a mini-storage establishment by reasons of whose work, default or sufferance the fire risks emerged or remains, needing the individual to abate the fire danger around the years specified for the FHAN. 16 problem to comply with the FHAN requirement(s) around the specified years, or creating, permiting or enduring the flame threat to recur whenever you want within one year after the day of provider with the FHAN, is actually an offence, accountable on conviction to a fine at level 6 (HK$100,000) and an additional fine of HK$10,000 each day during which the offense keeps. 17 marketplace people should consequently seek advice from her architects and other professionals on whether the strengthening really works, layout and fire-fighting equipment of the mini-storage facilities conform to the technical demands specified of the flames providers division, specifically those specified within the reality piece.


Functioning and purchasing Hong Konga€™s mini-storage businesses may be lucrative. But to prevent economic loss plus violent liabilities, marketplace participants should-be aware on the potential appropriate pitfalls waiting for you on their behalf. In light from the complex legal and technical issues involved, markets participants should consider consulting attorneys and various other technical specialists in the process of establishing her mini-storage company within industrial property.

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